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Acceptable Use Policy

Equipment Assignment Agreement

This technology equipment is the property of Strategic Solutions of Virginia, LLC (Strategic Solutions) and is being assigned to the employee only for business purposes associated with the employee’s position. By signing this document, I agree to use the equipment, associated peripherals, and software for the sole purpose of performing necessary job functions. I shall not permit any other person to possess or use the equipment in any way. I shall not sell, lease, or otherwise grant anyone rights to the equipment or software. I shall adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy of Strategic Solutions and comply with all applicable copyrights and other regulations associated with the equipment and software.

I acknowledge that the equipment is provided for my use only while I remain an employee of Strategic Solutions. If employment with Strategic solutions is ceased at any time, I will return the equipment to my supervisor before / on my last day of employment. The equipment will be returned in the same condition as on the date of issue, reasonable wear and tear expected. Once returned, I will hold Strategic harmless for any personal material on the device. Failure to return the equipment may result in withholding or reduction of final payment by Strategic to me or in my being subject to criminal prosecution and / or civil liability.

Employee Statement of Responsibility

Employees issued with a company owned device are in a position of trust in regards to the use of company and client information.

Improper use of that trust will result in your device being confiscated and may render you liable to disciplinary and possible legal action.

I understand and agree that:

    1. My device is an Asset of Strategic Solutions and will be used in accordance with Strategic’s policies.
    2. Strategic Client information is not to be stored on the device for any reason.
    3. I am personally responsible and accountable for the safe keeping of the device.
    4. In the event that my device is damaged, lost or stolen, I will report the loss immediately to a Strategic Manager or Executive.
      1. I may be responsible for the full cost of replacing the equipment if it is lost or for necessary repairs.
      2. In the event of theft or loss, I agree to cooperate with Strategic Solutions in filing a police report to fully cooperate in any ensuring investigation.
    5. All software, systems and / or files that are personal will be placed on the company device at my own risk (This includes any illegal or pirated software or content).
    6. I take personal responsibility for all content on the device and will adhere to all company policy regarding the appropriateness of the material.
      1. Deviation from policy is grounds for termination.