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How to Spot a Phishing Email

By April 9, 2020December 16th, 2022No Comments

It’s the perfect time for hackers to send e-mails with dangerous malware and viruses. Right now, your inbox is probably filled with “COVID-19” subject lines and coronavirus-focused e-mails.

Hackers are even using fake email addresses that are not legitimate and spamming inboxes.

How can you tell a phishing e-mail from a legitimate one? Here’s a few telltale signs:

  1. Look closely at the e-mail address to make sure it’s spelled correctly.
  2. Hover over any links in the e-mail (but DON’T CLICK) to see the ACTUAL website you’ll be directed to.
    If there’s a mismatched or suspicious URL, delete the e-mail immediately.
  3. Watch for poor grammar and spelling errors.
  4. Never download an attachment unless you know who sent it and what it is.

When in doubt, call the person who supposedly sent the e-mail on the phone to verify it’s legitimate.