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Strategic Solutions offers a full range of IT consulting services in North Carolina, from strategic IT planning and budgeting to security audits.

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IT Consulting Company For North Carolina Business

One of the top IT consulting firms in North Carolina is Strategic Solutions. If the tech support and solutions for your business are struggling, you need an IT consulting expert like us to fix your IT infrastructure problems. Your organization’s productivity can be increased by our tech support specialists.

01 Reliable Strategy

Businesses may rely on Strategic Solutions for a solid tech support and IT consulting strategy. To be effective, business tech assistance must be both strategic and reliable.

02 Better Support

With Strategic Solutions, you may get better IT advice and tech support. We have been an IT consulting company for more than 20 years, and we have many loyal consumers.

03 Expertise Team

We sincerely cherish our employees and exclusively hire top performers at our tech support and IT consulting firm. As a result, every employee at our IT consulting company is constantly challenged and trained.

04 Business Continuity

As an experienced IT consulting and support company, we have put in place effective business continuity policies. We keep up with the most effective business continuity procedures for IT consulting firms.

05 Managed IT Services North Carolina

Are you unsure whether your IT provider offers a comprehensive business plan, round-the-clock IT support and data security?

North Carolina businesses can choose from various complete managed IT services provided by Strategic Solutions. Our IT professionals put in endless effort to ensure that your IT operates efficiently with little downtime. In addition, our services guarantee that your technology is delivered, maintained, and safeguarded by qualified, experienced professionals.

06 IT Support North Carolina

Need help identifying or resolving an issue? Reach out to us and we’ll solve it quickly together.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your business running smoothly, partnering with North Carolina IT support is the ultimate solution. We can help you with any issue, no matter how complex. Our 24/7 IT support includes monitoring your network for outages in addition to our help desk, which is open around the clock. In addition, a dedicated team of IT Support North Carolina experts is always on call to deal with any issues.

07 Cybersecurity North Carolina

Have you heard about cyberattacks in the news and want to ensure your business is protected? Whatever the case, we can perform an in-depth analysis of your IT, identifying any vulnerabilities and then put a plan to remove them and upgrade your protection. No matter your threats or requirements, we won’t be intimidated and can deliver the protection and compliance levels you need.

High security doesn’t have to come at a high price. We’ll help you find the best security for your budget and provide you with advanced security monitoring and management services for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house cybersecurity specialist.

08 Cloud Services North Carolina

The cloud does not have to be sophisticated or expensive. Strategic Solutions makes it simple for small and medium-sized organizations to benefit from the cloud’s greater flexibility, scalability, and accessibility while maintaining or even lowering their budget.

We can move anything from a single server to your entire IT to the cloud. Our migrations are fast yet careful and designed to minimize disruption to your ongoing operations and avoid overpaying and potential problems down the line.

One-Stop IT Consulting Company In North Carolina

We have a plethora of expertise and the maturity to make the ideas of our clients a reality. As the leading IT consulting firm in North Carolina, Strategic Solutions exemplifies strong work ethics and professionalism. For the purpose of addressing market issues and seizing growth opportunities, our IT team develops business solutions. Our IT consulting company in North Carolina has a variety of industry specialists, and our mission is to gradually transform the world.

IT Consulting Services Drive Lean Innovation

Drive Agile Transformation with IT Consulting Services

With the help of our professional expertise, you can stay current with the newest IT advances and trends without losing sight of what really important or going over budget.

Using highly qualified IT consulting services, businesses can also:

  • Maximum performance in their areas of expertise
  • Create a workplace that is more productive
  • Be open to new concepts and procedures
  • Spend more on upgrades and less on ongoing maintenance
  • Enhanced security and regular vulnerability assessments will keep you better secured.
  • Access a broad range of technological expertise
President Of Strategic Solutions

Message from President

"We believe in making technology available in the most dependable, cost effective, and most importantly with "hassle-free" implementation that is engineered towards ensuring that your business remains competitive and ongoing success is possible."

Signature Of Strategic Solutions President

Jay Strickland
President, Strategic Solutions

How North Carolina Businesses Can Benefit from Strategic Solutions IT Consulting

Today, a business must rely on IT consulting to increase productivity and reach new customers. The advantage of using IT Consulting is that it gives your business an edge over other companies. There are more ways that your organization can benefit from using strategic IT Consulting:

How North Carolina Businesses Can Benefit

Concentrate on Important Business Functions

Employees perform best when they focus on their core skills, regardless of the business or industry. The time spent trying to figure out information technology is a real opportunity expense. Hiring an IT consultant allows your employees to focus on their core responsibilities while increasing your bottom line.

Employee Satisfaction

The work environment is a better place if employees are happy. It is easier for your employee to do their job if they use an IT consultant. They will get the latest tech support and enjoy the newest technology. If they experience technical issues, they can contact the IT consultant immediately.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency at Work

IT consultants are specialists in the newest technology, and part of their work is to assist businesses in developing innovative ways to boost production and efficiency. Various technologies, including file servers, centralized databases, mobile platforms, and many more, help to realize these objectives. However, these sophisticated technologies must be appropriately planned, implemented, and managed to reap their benefits entirely.

Attract and Retain Employees

Employees desire to perform the duties for which they were hired them. Smaller businesses that are expanding tend to give their staff more “hats to wear” and responsibilities over time. Since your accountant was recruited to supervise your accounts rather than resolve networking issues, this strategy is rarely viable. This frequently results in dissatisfied workers and improperly set up IT systems, which cause downtime and low efficiency.

Your efficiency issues might be resolved by hiring an IT consultant to install the appropriate solutions. Additionally, it will prevent your employees from “going to the company next door” that presents them with difficulties relevant to their area of interest.

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What Makes Us a Top IT Consulting Company in North Carolina

We deliver every time because we have an everlasting passion for assisting your employees to flourish and years of technical experience backed by our tailored solutions, process, and outstanding service.

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“Jason figured out the problem and also showed me the Outlook program so I can stop using it via the web. Awesome. :)”

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It's always a pleasure speaking with Chris D as he's willing to help and reach out to others when needed. I've had to call SSVA 8+ times in...

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Investigated quickly and resolved the situation within a few minutes to avoid a potential spam risk for all staff emails....which it was not...

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OUTSTANDING help installing device DTM software & explaining how to see new DTM after install

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