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Evaluate Strategic Solutions as your collaborative IT support partner in Charlotte for unlimited IT support needs and get 24/7 remote and onsite IT support for your business.

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Say Goodbye to Unpredictable IT Bills With Our Flexible-Rate Support

You shouldn’t have to budget for IT repairs and updates hourly.

We are here to help you keep your IT infrastructure updated and troubleshoot any issues. We provide unlimited support, so no matter how big or small your needs may be, we can help.

Our Unlimited IT support comes with a predictable monthly cost and encourages proactive system management to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

Your Reliable Partner For IT Support in Charlotte

Your business deserves the best, so you can sleep at night. Strategic Solutions provides award-winning support that will help your business reach new heights. We provide the highest level of IT support for your business with various IT solutions, consulting, support, and managed IT services.

Our technology team has worked in North Carolina and the surrounding areas for many years and has helped clients across various industries. In addition, we are one of the few managed IT support companies specializing in IT support for everyone, including small and medium businesses.


20+ Years of Excellence in Charlotte IT Support

Strategic Solutions knows you want your IT Support to work out of the situation and get you up and running in no time. That is why we provide fast, reliable, and flexible IT Support.

IT Support Charlotte Businesses Trust each and every day.

As a business owner in Charlotte, you depend on your IT support provider for 24/7 monitoring, help desk support, and onsite support to keep your organization running efficiently and smoothly.

What Benefits Will You Get With Our 24/7 IT Support?

  • Fast response times.
  • Promptly reporting and tracking incidents
  • Maximum productivity
  • Onsite support when needed
  • Loaner equipment for large issues

Cloud Services Charlotte

Secure Computing Solutions

With a cloud network, you can easily store and access your business data from anywhere in the world, ensuring that your data is safe and secure. This eliminates the risk of losing your data to fire or theft, which is one of the biggest concerns with on-premises networks. In addition, cloud computing provides a cost-effective way to increase the speed of your business while reducing the amount of capital you spend on your network.

However, if the idea of moving to the cloud seems scary or overwhelming, there are hybrid solutions that may be better suited for your purposes. Using a hybrid version of the cloud means that some information is stored on-site while other data is stored remotely.

We provide these options and other innovative solutions and support for your computing needs! In addition, our cloud solutions Charlotte team can help you to understand which of these solutions is ideal for your company.

IT Outsourcing Charlotte

Efficient and Affordable IT

The top Charlotte businesses rely on Strategic Solutions to maintain and upgrade their data centers, networks, and IT systems efficiently. 100% guarantee on your mission-critical systems remaining failsafe is what we deliver with the stable infrastructure experience. Data Center, IT Infrastructure Management, and IT Operations are included in our operations and services in IT outsourcing Charlotte. In addition, our team of IT experts takes complete ownership of the results of your technology-intensive business processes with end-to-end management for technology applications.


Why Choose Professional IT Support Charlotte?

In today’s world of modern technology, managed services can help businesses of all sizes in every aspect of their IT operations. Professional IT support in Charlotte is something that all companies, whether big or small, should take seriously. Unfortunately, most companies opt to hire their own IT personnel to take care of their IT needs. Other companies even go without IT support because they believe their businesses are too small to need technological assistance.

As the business grows, the requirements for IT will also grow. You need to hire IT support professionals now to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the modern business world if you didn’t have them initially. Due to changing dynamics, you will have to hire a professional IT support company in Charlotte to help lighten the workload for your business.

Are You Experiencing a Server Support Issue That Needs Immediate Attention?

Are you aware of a security incident that can affect your business? Do you need immediate emergency data recovery services? Are you looking at any server breakdown?

You don’t have to panic when you need emergency computer network support; you can reach us. You should enroll with us if you haven’t already. Don’t wait any longer, and it is never too late. Give us a call to make sure everything is under control.

IT issues pop out at an inconvenient time, just like any other health problem. However, you can plan things by enrolling with Strategic Solutions. Become our customer, and you will get the best possible emergency services. To get instant, IT support in an emergency, dial us and speak to an experienced IT expert.


24/7 Reliable and Flexible IT Support

Not only do we offer on-call remote assistance, but we are always available 24/7 and ready to solve your issues if needed. In addition, our IT experts will surely increase the reliability and performance of your entire network by performing regularly scheduled maintenance and monitoring your systems all day.

With all this in mind, we can save your organization time and money and have to staff an in-house team of computer experts. However, business sense dictates that you should get some outside help for your infrastructure.

We Take Pride in Your Satisfaction and Our Service

Strategic Solutions is a premier service provider of IT support services for the business owners of Charlotte City. All our technicians are highly qualified and always available to deal with any issues.

With us, you can be sure to have a dedicated account manager who is familiar with your needs and will assist in keeping your needs in your systems management as you grow. In addition, we encourage you to speak with your account manager frequently about what’s going on in your world because our technology knowledge covers a wide range of businesses in the space.

Partner with us and get access to our team of local IT experts that prioritize your business goals.

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“We believe in making technology available in the most dependable, cost effective, and most importantly with “hassle-free” implementation that is engineered towards ensuring that your business remains competitive and ongoing success is possible.”

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Jay Strickland
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“Jason figured out the problem and also showed me the Outlook program so I can stop using it via the web. Awesome. :)”

Katherine KVirginia Physicians for Women

It's always a pleasure speaking with Chris D as he's willing to help and reach out to others when needed. I've had to call SSVA 8+ times in...

Krista PMecklenburg Radiology Associates

Investigated quickly and resolved the situation within a few minutes to avoid a potential spam risk for all staff emails....which it was not...

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OUTSTANDING help installing device DTM software & explaining how to see new DTM after install

Jose LChalmers & Kubeck South

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