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We provide expert remote and onsite IT support 24/7 for small to medium-sized businesses. Specialists in the healthcare, finance, and legal industries, we are the go-to IT support services company.

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24/7 IT Support Provider

If you need managed IT support, then look no further. We offer unparalleled IT support services to help your business grow and thrive.

Our IT support specialist team will do whatever it takes to provide the best managed IT support you deserve. Whether you have an easy question or a more complex problem, our business IT support is available 24/7 to ensure your workday is uninterrupted by tech troubles. We would all love for our IT systems to run smoothly in the background. Our small business IT support company will ensure your IT systems help you, not hinder you.

Business IT Support Services

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Service and Support

There’s no problem we haven’t faced before. If we cannot resolve your IT issue remotely, an IT support technician will arrive at your location to assist you.

Our IT support business has many years of experience. We are ready to handle any issue related to hardware, software, or building your business’s IT infrastructure to make the most of the industry-leading tools. You can enjoy peak efficiency and minimal downtime as your company scales with our services.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

We won’t wait for a problem to arise before tackling it. Our IT support for small business teams will continuously monitor your systems to ensure they are performing efficiently. Our team of consultants will maintain and monitor your hardware and software to identify and prevent issues before they occur.

Regular preventative monitoring and maintenance can increase the longevity of your software and hardware, improve your security, and future-proof your business. With our dedicated help desk and expert technicians, we’ll address potential concerns and weaknesses.

Helpdesk IT Support

Our IT support 24/7 help desk will help you tackle significant and minor technical issues. While our monitoring and maintenance should weed out most threats or issues, small problems sometimes occur. In a busy workplace, even the smallest of issues can cause considerable damage to your business operations.

Fortunately, our help desk services will provide you with comprehensive support as and when you need it. Our team is ready in the Mid-Atlantic to help answer any queries whenever you need us. With the peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are supported, you can focus on your own strengths.

Comprehensive Support Solutions

We offer all IT support services, from software to hardware issues. Trust our expert team to use our tools and resources to keep your IT environment healthy and efficient. We will comprehensively manage all your IT concerns with our combined effort of monitoring, maintaining, and 24/7 help desk support.

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"We believe in making technology available in the most dependable, cost effective, and most importantly with "hassle-free" implementation that is engineered towards ensuring that your business remains competitive and ongoing success is possible."

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Jay Strickland
President, Strategic Solutions

Our Services

What IT Support Services Do We Provide?

On-Demand IT Support

Broken printer? A virus invading your software?
Whatever your problem, our 24/7 IT support is ready to help you whenever you need us. Submit a ticket, email, or phone us, and we’ll get you back up and running in no time, no matter how complex or simple the issue.

Network Security

Your company’s data and security are hugely valuable. However, it is also a huge security risk. We can help you ensure that your data is well protected and safeguarded on your network. From access control to keeping a log of changes made, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive network security plan.

Cloud Services

Our world-class IT support services will optimize your cloud service for your needs. We’ll talk you through the various options and help you choose the right cloud hosting option based on your company. Cloud services offer mobility, security, and scalability for all companies.

Data Backup Services

We’ll protect you from the worst-case scenario. If the unthinkable does happen, don’t worry; our teams prepare for the unexpected by backing up all your data and systems to help you bounce back.

Server Hosting

Our dedicated servers and hosting platforms are tailored to your business needs. We’ll ensure minimal downtime, personalized elements, and enhanced security.

Email Solutions

Effective communication is the backbone of many organizations. We will help improve your email services, including collaboration tools, message archiving, email encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced spam filtering.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

We’ll look after and maintain your IT software and systems remotely to tackle threats and issues before you even notice them.

It Support Services
On Demand It Support
Network Security
Cloud Services
Server Hosting
24*7 Monitoring
Email Solutions
Data Backup Services

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Why Us

Why Choose Strategic Solutions IT Support?

  • Customized Business IT

    We work with a range of different clients and customers, all with unique needs. We’ll tailor your IT solution to suit your business model and goals. Together, we can craft an IT plan with your budget in mind to help you get the best value from our services.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance will track trends to identify root causes and issues before they occur.

  • Personal User Support

    We provide onsite and remote expert and friendly technicians to support your business and home office workers. We’ll explain to you our solutions so you can learn the quick fixes yourself.

  • Friendly Local Helpdesk

    Our help desk is available whenever you need them. We have friendly, educated experts ready to help you at the drop of a hat. Use our remote assistance, onsite visits, or online resources to improve your IT systems to beat everyone else in the industry.

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Secures Your Company

IT Support You Can Trust

Our proven IT support services will help you create a smooth, professional, and industry-leading IT network that protects your data and secures your company.

With 24/7 monitoring, help desk support, and onsite technicians, you can trust that we’ll look after all your technical needs, so you don’t have to. Find out how we can help scale your business’ IT solutions.

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“Jason figured out the problem and also showed me the Outlook program so I can stop using it via the web. Awesome. :)”

Katherine KVirginia Physicians for Women

It's always a pleasure speaking with Chris D as he's willing to help and reach out to others when needed. I've had to call SSVA 8+ times in...

Krista PMecklenburg Radiology Associates

Investigated quickly and resolved the situation within a few minutes to avoid a potential spam risk for all staff emails....which it was not...

Leah BCommonwealth Primary Care, Inc.

OUTSTANDING help installing device DTM software & explaining how to see new DTM after install

Jose LChalmers & Kubeck South

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