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As a leading provider of IT Services in Virginia Beach, Strategic Solutions is proud to offer the most cost-effective and proactive IT solutions for businesses of all sizes since 2001.

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Expand Your IT Department

Your company’s IT department in Virginia Beach may not have the resources to provide the depth of service your organization needs. We work with your system administrators and employees to develop tailored solutions for your business’s specific needs. Outsourcing these efforts allows your organization more time to focus on its essential operations. Yes, we are as good as your in-house IT team; we work with you.

Increase productivity with IT Services from Strategic Solutions

Focusing entirely on tasks that are not their primary activity is not beneficial for any business. It can sap energy and resources from businesses, leading to team conflicts. Our IT engineers will fill gaps in a company’s expertise so that tasks can be completed more quickly and objectives can be reached.

Strategic Solutions’ IT Services experts optimize your company’s IT infrastructure to improve business efficiency. Based on their vast experience in the industry, they know how to best use an organization’s technology resources and prevent problems from arising when transitioning from a traditional business model to an information-based economy. In addition, freeing up time, we help companies focus on their primary objectives.

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Complete Governance, risk, and compliance

Complete Governance, risk, and compliance

Our local IT experts help organizations identify, explore, and monitor risks related to enterprise-wide processes, human resources allocation, company compliance with established standards, and the use of technology.

Our IT solutions are designed to save you time and money while providing the best possible customer experience in IT management.

President Of Strategic Solutions

Message from President

"We believe in making technology available in the most dependable, cost effective, and most importantly with "hassle-free" implementation that is engineered towards ensuring that your business remains competitive and ongoing success is possible."

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Jay Strickland
President, Strategic Solutions

IT Services for Virginia Beach Businesses

We provide complete Managed IT services to ensure that your technology is always up and running smoothly.


IT Services for Virginia Beach Businesses

IT Support Virginia Beach

Our experienced on-premises engineers are available to provide proactive IT support services that will help you find long-term solutions. If you need assistance with your computer, our remote helpdesk is always available to assist.
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Cybersecurity Virginia Beach

As an IT security-centric IT provider, our IT experts will help you to safeguard your network from external and internal threads. 

Our advanced cybersecurity services protect your company’s data and endpoints using ransomware protection, access controls, network monitoring, and more.
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Data Backup

If you ever find your business in a situation where your data is at risk, Strategic Solutions IT can help ensure that your business keeps running smoothly. We offer regular, encrypted data backups to keep your information safe in the event of a disaster.
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IT Outsourcing

Improve your business infrastructure with our highly-qualified IT experts in Virginia Beach. We will take care of all your IT assets; it helps you to save time and grow faster.
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Cloud Services Virginia Beach

Turbocharge your business with our cloud services. We will plan your cloud migration and help you to manage your private, public, and hybrid clouds. [Learn more]

IT Consulting Virginia Beach

We have a wide range of IT Consultancy Services that include everything from the mundane to the complex, from things that are just right for your needs.

You will have a solution that works for you. You’ll get the IT help you need in the right amount at the right time.

Our Local IT Consultants will help keep you up to date with the best services and solutions for your needs.

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Why Choose Strategic Solutions as Your IT Services Partner?

  • We have been in the technology business for 22 years and understand the frustration of things not working.
  • Our customer service team will help you get your service up and running and ensure it runs smoothly day in and day out.
  • We also provide premier IT help desk support for employees who encounter problems with their computers, software, and other IT issues.
  • We’ll only contact you with issues that aren’t our fault.
  • Strategic Solutions is quick to respond to communication. They are always open to business emergencies. (optional – We offer multiple ways to contact us when you need IT help, including email, phone, remote support, on-site support, live chat, and social media platform.)
  • Strategic solutions aim for perfection, which means they’ll sometimes triple-check their work before turning your network and devices back over to you.

Let’s Work Together!

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“Jason figured out the problem and also showed me the Outlook program so I can stop using it via the web. Awesome. :)”

Katherine KVirginia Physicians for Women

It's always a pleasure speaking with Chris D as he's willing to help and reach out to others when needed. I've had to call SSVA 8+ times in...

Krista PMecklenburg Radiology Associates

Investigated quickly and resolved the situation within a few minutes to avoid a potential spam risk for all staff emails....which it was not...

Leah BCommonwealth Primary Care, Inc.

OUTSTANDING help installing device DTM software & explaining how to see new DTM after install

Jose LChalmers & Kubeck South

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