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Managed IT Services

Strategic Solutions offers managed IT services for small businesses and medium-sized organizations across the Mid-Atlantic region. Trust us to look after your small business IT services so you can focus on what you do best.

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What Managed IT Services Do Strategic Solutions Offer?

0124/7 Proactive Management

Our team of experts offers remote business IT services 24/7. Our help desks will answer any queries and concerns you may have, big and small.

Moreover, our team will proactively monitor and manage your IT systems to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Our fully-staffed remote teams will schedule security scans, look after your website and database care, and perform regular server health checks.

02 Flexible Service Programs

If you’re looking for an IT services management provider, look no further. Our IT services company offers a fully flexible package. We’ll tailor our IT solutions to your business needs, goals, and issues.

We can offer as much IT support as you need or as little. It’s up to you.

Every organization is different; we’ll do our best to ensure that your IT infrastructure complements your needs to help you scale.

03 Live Help

Are you fed up with calling your IT services provider only to speak to a machine? We’ll go out of our way to have a real person at the other end of the line—someone who can answer and solve your query within no time at all. We have several ways you can get in touch; ring, email, or submit a ticket and we’ll resolve your problem straight away.

It’s imperative to us that you receive a dedicated response and custom solutions to your IT needs. So, trust that we will always be here to support you whenever and wherever you need.

04 Professional Support

Our managed IT services company only employs experts dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive. We have professional, experienced experts and have never yet faced a problem we cannot resolve. Trust us to look after all your technical needs so you can focus on building and growing your company.

Our Approach to Managed IT Delivery

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Tailored Customer Communication

We will analyze the needs of each individual client to understand how we can create a comprehensive, tailored solution. We will work collaboratively to establish an IT plan that suits your needs, goals, and budget.

We’ll discuss the best way to communicate with your organization, including our methods, the level of detail, the frequency of updates, and timings. We understand that each of our clients works differently and will offer a communication system that suits your workplace. If you need 24/7 support, we’ve got you covered. If you only need help when you have a problem, we can answer your queries as and when.

We will regularly share updates, progress reports, and security briefings with you and your team to ensure you always know what we’re doing with your IT systems.

Our Commitment to Value and Quality IT Support

We aim to bring each of our clients high-quality support that helps your company thrive. We’ll go above and beyond to offer unique, tailored, and comprehensive support to our clients. Our team of experts is on hand 24/7 for you to take advantage of. Moreover, we’ll ensure that your IT best practices and network are industry-leading so you can be the best you know you can be.

Consistent and Comprehensive Reporting

We encourage a transparent, communicative relationship, so you always know what we’re up to with your IT systems. And vice versa, we’ll stay in the loop on your business goals and needs to ensure our solutions always help you to be the best you can be. Our consistent and comprehensive reporting will include:

  • Team productivity achievements and service quality KPIs
  • Use of resources and recommendations for streamlining the work process
  • Real-time problems or potential risks and strategies to combat them
  • Risk management strategy based on your risk level, business goals, and industry best practices and compliance rules.

Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer

We’ll provide detailed descriptions and resources to help you understand processes and policies. Our team will walk you through each step of our workarounds or quick-fix solutions. We’ll even help you understand how to prevent more significant issues from arising.

We’ll support your in-house teams, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, and security administrators. We’ll help communicate our comprehensive knowledge to work seamlessly with your in-house employees.

Flexible IT Solutions

Whether you want a comprehensive support package and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance or a co-operative co-managed model with your in-house IT experts, we’ll tailor our solutions to suit your needs.

  • Complete managed IT services: We will take full responsibility for your IT infrastructure, hardware, and software.
  • Co-managed cooperation: We’ll work with your internal IT teams or other third-party IT vendors to manage your network and IT systems.
President Of Strategic Solutions

Message from President

“We believe in making technology available in the most dependable, cost-effective, and most importantly with “hassle-free” implementation that is engineered towards ensuring that your business remains competitive and ongoing success is possible.”

Signature Of Strategic Solutions President

Jay Strickland
President, Strategic Solutions

Why Choose Strategic Solutions? The Benefits of Our IT Managed Support

  • Predictable Costs for IT Management Services

    With just one fixed cost, you can access our IT help desk and support services as much or as little as you need. We offer a flat, user-based billing system so you can easily forecast and budget your IT needs.

  • Continuous Process Improvement

    Our IT experts are industry leaders. We’ve been in the game a long time, but we stay updated with all the latest trends and best practices. We continually improve our processes and aim to offer you the best IT services around. Whatever your industry—finance, healthcare, legal—we can help your business reach its full potential.

  • Flexibility to Scale Up or Down

    Our user-based billing means that it is easy for your business to scale. Our experts will help empower your business with our flexible IT management solutions and ensure that your technology doesn’t hold you back.

  • Fully-Managed or Co-Managed

    We’ll offer you a fully managed IT support package, meaning we take full responsibility for all your IT and technical needs or a co-managed option. If you choose our co-managed option, we’ll work with your in-house teams or other third-party vendors to maintain and manage your IT systems.

  • Unlimited Support 24/7, All Year Round

    Our IT help desk is available to support all your IT needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. No matter how big or small your IT needs are, we are ready to help.

FAQs: Your Questions about Managed Services Answered

How Do I Know if My IT Infrastructure Costs Will Be Reduced?

We analyze the current state of your IT infrastructure to recommend streaming processes and cost-cutting solutions to your IT concerns.

Will Outsourced IT Infrastructure Management Threaten Corporate Data Security?

We follow strict security policies and apply compliance to all our security systems. We monitor external threads 24/7, so you never need to worry about others compromising your sensitive data.

How Can a Managed Service Provider Guarantee Against Premature Service Termination?

You can pay per user, so you can easily scale or downsize as you need. If you decide to move your IT services in-house or to another provider in the future we’ll allow for a substantial transition period, so we do not interrupt your work process. However, we like to offer comprehensive services—you won’t regret sticking with us for the long term.


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